Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men – Perfotmer5: Better than Viagra?

If you are looking for erectile dysfunction in young men treatment options then you should consider either Viagra or Performer5 and in this article we will talk about the second option.
Both of them carry money back guarantees so you have nothing to worry about in this respect.

So What is Performer5?

Performer5 is a male sexual health formula that performs two main functions; it helps eliminate erectile dysfunction and increases semen quantity all of which increases the quality of your orgasm and will drive your woman crazy. The product is very similar to viagra, however it does not work as fast as viagra.

As you may be aware if you read the articles on this site, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction (in young men and older men) is anxiety.
There are of course many reasons for this, but largely it comes from the pressure that men put upon themselves to perform like porn stars. Many men feel that they have to please their partner before themselves, take the lead and control the action in the bedroom.
This creates anxiety which in turn can easily lead to impotence, which is about the most frsutrating thing you can experience as a man.

How Does Performer5 Work?

Unlike viagra, Performer5 was originally designed to enhance the volume of your semen, however it has emerged that it also acheives stiffer and more solid erections – which is a pretty great side effect!
The tablets work because the ingredients in this product improve the blood supply to your penis which is at the root of all erectile dysfunction. Not only does this help with erections but it keeps your penis healthy and functioning to the best of its ability.
I won’t go into all the different ingredients in Performer5 but what you need to know is that it contains Zinc (one of the most important elements when it comes to erections) and L-Arginine that recent medical studies have proved help you achieve harder erections.


What do People Say About Performer5

Well as you might expect, men who were experiencing erectile dysfunction before taking Performer5 and find that the problem has disappeared are exstatic!
Here is what one happy customer says “after discovering Performer 5 on the web, my erectile dysfunction is more than non-existent” and another“my erections are harder, my stamina has tripled and I am 100% confident I will remain rock hard from start to finish“.
Whether you decide to chose Performer5 or another product don’t waste any more time. Preventing erectile dysfunction is possible and you owe it to yourself and your partner to fully enjoy the pleasures that sex has to bring to your relationship.